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"Better" is always achievable!
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Self Leadership is Key!

A "Do Better" fanatic, my philosophy on life is simple: 


It’s always within reach and never a set up for disappointment.

Hi, I'm Zara!

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It's YOUR Life!
Choose IT.
Own IT.
Change IT.

Here’s what I know for sure and what I teach:

  • Life happens – life does not happen to me!
  • Challenges are purposeful and what matters is how I treat ‘em when they show up!
  • Life is supposed to change; sometimes in the most unexpected ways, and regardless of those changes, I am still supposed to enjoy life!
  • Things happen as they ought!

After a couple divorces, living through Hurricane Katrina, several careers, 5 different states, living high and taking dives, I’m a skillful navigator of life’s continual ripple effects; no whining just self development for self leadership!

Are You Scarred or Refined by Your Life's Experiences?

How well do you know you?  Your level of sophistication answering this question will tell me how you handle challenges you face. It's not about capability - sure you are capable. It's all about how well you understand and integrate the layers of your life; the ability to thrive regardless of conditions: relationship issues, economic times, health challenges, you name it!  Take a Closer Look >>>>>